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10Markets (No Binary Options) Logo Max Bonus: $100
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Broker 10Markets (No Binary Options)
US Traders Accepted
Company Name Whitestone IP Europe Ltd. and Whitestone Securities Limited
Headquarters Edinburgh, UK
Regulation Vanuatu International Financial Services Commission (license #14692)
Bonus Type Deposit bonis
Bonus Size $100
Max Payout 77%
Out-of-Money Reward 10%
Trading Platform Panda TS
Early Closure
Deposit Options Credit/debit cards and wire transfer
Deposit Currencies US dollar, euro
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $10
Maximum Trade $2,500
Online Since 2014
Trading Instruments Currencies, stocks, indices, commodities
Number of Trading Instruments 70
Binary Option Types High/Low, Hyper, One Touch, Range
Customer Support Types Live chat, telephone, web form, email, paper mail
Education Offered Articles, videos, eBook, glossary
Tools Offered Social trading, financial calendars, financial calculators, rollover, early close
Languages English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish
Demo Account Yes, no limits.

As of March 5, 2017, 10Markets is no longer offering binary options, operating solely as a Forex/CFD broker. The review presented below is no longer applicable and is presented for archive purpose only.

10Markets is an Edinburgh-based broker owned by a company called Whitestone IP Europe Ltd. 10Markets also holds a license of dealers in securities from the Vanuatu International Financial Services Commission through Whitestone Securities Limited. When you visit the website, you will see that the company actually offers two distinct types of trading: binary options and Forex. You can sign up for an account to trade either or both right there on the site. 10Markets also partners with MetaTrader 4 to offer FX trading directly through the MT4 platform.

If you are only interested in binary options trading, a lot of this may seem off the point, but it is actually quite relevant. Forex trading in general is a safer and more established world than binary options trading. FX brokers tend to urge smarter trading practices and encourage their customers to manage their money and their trades with care. As a broker that offers both types of trading, 10Markets does this by offering a no-strings-attached demo account. This is a really outstanding feature that you won’t find just anywhere!

Opening Your 10Markets Account

You will see a big green button which says “Open Account” on the homepage for 10Markets. Click it and you will have the opportunity to open either a real account or a demo account (it doesn’t matter which you choose, as you can always open the other type afterward if you change your mind).

Here are the live account types you can choose from based on how much you deposit:

  • Classic: $250 minimum deposit.
  • Standard: $2,500 minimum deposit.
  • Premium: $20,000 minimum deposit.
  • Tailor-made: Speak to a customer service agent.

No bonuses are specifically discussed on this page. When I browsed the site, a pop-up on one of the pages informed me that I could get a $100 deposit bonus. There is a turnover requirement to withdraw the bonus.

What about deposit and withdrawal terms and methods? You can only trade in US Dollar or Euro. Credit or debit card or wire transfers are the only methods available to deposit and withdraw, so there is not a lot of flexibility here. On the bright side, however, the website mentions zero fees for depositing or withdrawing, and no minimum withdrawal thresholds. These are really nice terms that make it easy for you to access your money at any time.

Trading on 10Markets

If you decide to trade Forex on 10Markets, I highly recommend you download MT4. It is awesome that 10Markets allows you to trade through MT4, as it is a free platform which gives you absolutely amazing technical features to plan your trades. In fact, I recommend using it to plan your binary options trades as well, even though you cannot trade binary options directly through it.

To trade binary options on 10Markets, you need to use the platform which is available on the site. This platform is powered by Panda TS. While that may sound rather obscure compared to more common platforms like SpotOption, it works about the same way, displays nicely, and is easy to use. You can use it on your desktop or laptop, or on your Android or iOS mobile device.

One cool thing that 10Markets is developing is their “Shared Wallet.” This is a feature you can use if you decide to do both binary options and FX trading. Through the Shared Wallet, you can manage your investments on both your accounts, and even move funds from one to the other with ease.

Types of trades you can take on 10Markets include High/Low, One Touch, Range, and Hyper. “Hyper” trades are just short-term High/Low trades. It is great that 10Markets offers Range trading, because Range trading is one of the unique advantages of binary options. It is a type of trading where you can profit when the market isn’t moving. Not all binary options brokers offer it, even though it is a relatively common trade type.

Assets include currencies, commodities, indices, and stocks. The types of assets you can trade and the number of instruments available to you however depends on your account tier. At the lowest tier, you can only trade the base currencies. At the next level up, you can trade gold, silver, and oil. At the Premium tier, you can trade all of the currencies, indices, CFDs, and shares on the site (10Markets also offers a couple of other types of trading beyond their main products of binary options and Forex). At the highest level with the tailored account, you can trade all the instruments.

Resources, Tools, and Customer Service

10Markets provides a large library of learning materials for traders, including an eBook, comprehensive glossary, and a number of articles and videos. These resources are available both for FX and binary options. Trading tools offered include financial calendars and calculators and social trading. You can control your trades using rollover and early close, but double up does not appear to be available.

You can reach customer service through live chat, telephone, web form, email, and paper mail. The live chat desk was not staffed when I checked it, but this was on a weekend. The company does offer 24/7 service, however, so presumably they can be reached anytime using the phone.

Conclusion: An Exciting Broker with Unique Products

All in all, 10Markets seems to be an impressive broker. While they are not regulated by any serious government institution and do not accept traders from the USA, they offer a lot of great trading products. The fact that they specialize in both Forex and binary options trading is excellent, as is the fact that they are developing tools like the Shared Wallet to help traders to manage multiple types of trading accounts simultaneously. The inclusion of a demo account is excellent as well.

With so many cool and innovative features, it is easy to give 10Markets a recommendation, especially to traders who are interested in both binary options and Forex trading. Even if all you are interested in right now is binary options, take a look at what they have to offer. Many traders who start with binary options end up trying FX later or vice versa.

On March 22, 2017, British regulatory authority FCA has warned investors and traders that 10Markets.com is offering financial services to UK clients without being authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is mandatory for the kind of services offered by 10Markes.com.

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25 Traders' Reviews

  1. George reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    10 markets – I had really high hopes for this company when my money doubled in a week so fantastic advice. Great for paper trading but if you want your money out …. well that’s another story, I’ve been waiting for three weeks, now got my original stake buy no ‘winnings’.
    Excuses – Want more id, (already sent), Account Manager ‘left’. Technical problems in withdrawals dept. so still waiting. Just be aware.

    • kost reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

      you got your money ?

    • Alex Lamar reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

      i ask my money twice in the last year, and got it after two days, seems that your report is not real

  2. Alex Lamar reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    till now i got really good experience, thanks to my account manager

    • leon reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

      alex lamar is a fake person,after i mensioned the negative review of george to 10markets chat at march 3,the team post the fake review with the name alex lamar. alex lamar show us your withdrawls you claim you receive in two days

      • Alex Lamar reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

        On the 04.08.2015 you have received a bonus from us on a total amount of $500. The bonus was applied after your investment of $500.
        Total deposit : $500
        Total bonus : $500
        Total profits : $626.75

        total withdrawal 550$
        balance : 1076.25$

  3. Jeffrey Green reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    Just want to share my positive experience,
    I trade with 10Markets for almost a year.
    Chose it after a few not really nice tries with other brokers.
    Never had any problems with support and withdrawal.Everything is described clearly about bonuses and trading conditions.

  4. Manuela López reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    Estoy impresionada por el nivel de definición y tecnología.
    Brókeres profesionales operando como en La Bolsa Real De Valores.
    Beneficios de alto rendimiento. Lo recomiendo como un medio alternativo de Inversión.

  5. Suzan Hussain reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    My personal account manager John Penrose always calls me at least 1 time each month to check on my trading and see how i am, this is the best service i have had from any broker. I trade with 10markets for almost a year.Chose it after a few not really nice tries with other brokers.and now i’m very glad!! recommend for everyone …

  6. Mohamad reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I prefer 10markets platform because i am able to start trading with as low as $250 and 100% bonus.
    Good conditions and i’m very glad!

  7. Ong Kim reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I’ve been with 10Markets for about 1.5 years , great experience compared to other brokers. When I would need help I would always get great customer service. Very glad and continiue to trade with 10 markets

  8. Tim reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    Hi, I’m Tim and I’m from Hong Kong. I am a client in 10markets 6 months and I’m a first time trader. My first deposit was 250$ and my money didn’t doubled, but my account manager M.Paige helped me with this. I put 1000$ as my broker told me and that helped me to trade right, with 1000$ I have less risk of losing. Now I get my profit from each transaction. I think – 10markets is very professional broker and I’m very glad..

  9. Fr. reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I have a lot of experience when it comes forex.10markets is my last and favorite broker. It offers about 15 different routes which usually no matter what you can get filled for your shares. What i DONT like about their software is it is only compatible with computer and not phone app. If you want to run their app on android it’s slow,stuck and disconnect.

  10. QUME reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    As a novice investor and trader I’ve been in contact with the Customer Service Dept. probably 1million times, both on the phone and via the Live Chat on their website. I’ve been in contact with representatives on a Monday at 5 a.m. for help with my account and have always received amazing customer service despite having a relatively small account size. 10markets is a great trading platform, which they provide free of charge for active traders, with lots of filtering options for screening trades.

  11. Paul reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    A great platform for retail trader. I think 10markets is great and have no complaints after 1 year of using it. I don’t trade every day so am not bothered by the commissions or speed that others complain about. It suits my purposes perfectly. Only drawback is sometimes I think they have too many bells and whistles on the platform. Not a god daytrader platform but great for all others

  12. Bram reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    Being 7 years in the Forex trading business i have had much experience with the Forex Brokers.
    I started my trading with 10Market 2 years back and since then i have made good profits due the the superior trading technology also because of the fact that they have very good trading servers.
    I use the ECN trading and have withdrawn the highest amount of 31000$ that was paid to me on time.
    This speaks of the good reputation that they Enjoy.And i very glad with customer service.

  13. Sefton Wang reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I love most to be honest is the customer service. They respond fast, are very nice, and help you out no matter what.
    Demo account with 100 K , It is greate for new traders.
    Commissions are not bad. The fills are decent, I use their platform and it’s good for placing orders.
    They have no extra fees for pre market or after hours trading which I love!

  14. Trade reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    10markets is a broker that suits a variety of people, including stock trading and options trading. I found 10markets 1 year ago and very glad with their platform and my personal broker. They also have a variety of articles and research tools available. I think 10markets’ strongest feature is there knowledge and professionalism of forex trading.

  15. Marco reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    Best stock and options brokerage. Their fees are extremely reasonable. Maybe the lowest option fees in the industry? The trade platform is easy to use, not too complicated like other. Good site for trading options.

  16. Stef de Beys reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I’m also a 10Markets customer from Belgium – and so far I’ve liked it. When I am a more experienced trader I may look to move, but for my first real options broker and forex, these guys have been great.They do have some good tools on the web site.
    I’ve been very happy with the education and execution.
    Their customer service has been fabulous! As a newer trader learning the ropes, this has been extremely valuable to me. I could have spent a couple of hundred dollars less in commissions with another broker, but the help I have gotten from 10M’s support crew has saved me more than that. Even simple things like using online chat support to help walk me through my first trades and has been great – instantly available on evenings and weekends and got me going immediately. You can’t ask for better support.
    I may grow out of this brokerage some day, but right now I am happy and they have been a very good choice for my first options brokerage.

  17. Kaan reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I signed up with them 2 years ago, but ended up trading on a bit through them because their commission ended up be higher than another brokder I use. In that time though I will have to say they had one of the better platforms out there. Comparable to bdb for options and they had even better tools for options scanning at the time. They also provide lots of free educational materials. However, 2 years ago I started with 10markets and I think their rates are great.

  18. Frans reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    Good and fast service,and if you like low fees it’s great. That is what I care about most. The trading platform is not very high tech, not beautiful, but the prices are good and I get surprisingly good fills on the trades I execute.

  19. Laura Doell reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I haven’t subscribed for the pay service but the free newsletter alert. It is a clean cut newsletter, granted, and it has some good info such as company news and different “heat” stocks that are on alert. You can get morning and noon alerts telling you what the market is doing, nothing you don’t know if you are following the market. Nothing of real importance, but hey, it’s free! and i realy like webinars with analyst Jay Goldman,he’s genius and very professional, hight recommend!

  20. Johanna Eriksen reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    Hi there!
    I’m from Norway and I’ve trading with 10Markets for 1 year. It is my favorite broker, the customer service is the best especially for people from other countries.
    They quickly resolve my question and even sent me a confirmation email after our conversation is finish. 10markets is great if you are traveling oversea and need to speak with their representatives since they have offices all over the world.

  21. Amanda reviewed 10Markets (No Binary Options)

    I have never used another Broker other than 10Markets. On occasion I consider changing brokers but when I see what else is out there, I decide to just stay put.

    Over the 2 years, 10Markets has gotten better and better. Sometimes customer service is great and sometimes it is only so so.

    I have a decent sized account and I trade frequently, so commissions are reasonable. However, sometimes when I send a request by e-mail to customer service, I get a automatic email and only after some hours take service.

    Generally, I am happy with this broker. I seldom have problems and if I do, they get fixed.

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