Titan Trade (No Binary Options) Review

Titan Trade (No Binary Options) Logo Max Bonus: 75%
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Broker Titan Trade (No Binary Options)
US Traders Accepted
Company Name Titan Capital Limited
Headquarters Victoria Mahe, Seychelles
Regulation No
Bonus Type Match bonus
Bonus Size 75%
Max Payout 80%
Out-of-Money Reward 0%
Trading Platform SpotOption
Early Closure
Deposit Options Credit and debit cards, wire transfers, Skrill
Deposit Currencies Euro, US Dollar
Minimum Deposit $250
Minimum Trade $5
Maximum Trade $2,500
Online Since 2013
Trading Instruments Stocks, indices, currencies, commodities
Number of Trading Instruments 79
Binary Option Types Binary Options (High/Low), Long Term, 60 Seconds, One Touch, Pairs
Customer Support Types Telephone, live chat, web form, email, paper mail
Education Offered Trading Academy (videos, strategy guides, personal guidance), strategy articles, FAQ, eBook
Tools Offered Daily and weekly market reviews, daily trading tips, personal brokerage services, rollover, double up, buy me out
Commission $30 fee for wire transfer withdrawals. $100 minimum threshold for withdrawals, unless closing out your account.
Languages English
Demo Account No

Titan Trade is no longer a binary options broker. The review below is presented for the archiving purposes.

Titan Trade is a binary options website operated by Titan Capital Limited in Victoria Mahe Seychelles. This broker is very new, having only just begun offering its trading services in 2013. The company does accept traders from the United States, and in fact appears to cater to them (United States is automatically selected from the country drop-down list by default at signup). The only supported language for the site right now is English, though customers from other countries around the world are accepted.

Right now, the Titan Trade website appears to be a mixed bag. Some information is very easy to find, while other information is a bit more challenging to hunt down. The company appears to have actually gone out of its way to create a distinctive site, which is a good thing. There are a lot of trading resources, which is also great, as well as several types of trades which you can participate in. Customer service appears to be slow or nonexistent, however, which is a serious disadvantage.

Signing up on Titan Trade

When you first open an account, you can choose from one of five account tiers. A number of currencies are listed for trading, but right now the site only lets you deposit in US Dollars or Euros. You can start out with $250 or equivalent, but the first account tier starts out at $500. This is the Micro/Test Account, and comes with a 20% match bonus on your first deposit, as well as copy of a free eBook. Additional benefits are available along with higher bonuses as you deposit more money.

The largest account is the VIP Trading Account, for customers who deposit $10,000 or more. With this account, you get a 75% match bonus, VIP market review, risk management portfolio, financial portfolio, VIP brokerage personal services, additional educational materials, daily trading tips and more.

The only fees listed are $30 for wire transfers. There is a minimum withdrawal threshold of $100, but this is not nearly as much of a concern with Titan Trade as it is with other brokers. Titan Trade states plainly that if you are closing out your account and you have less than $100, you may withdraw the full remaining amount. In other words, your money isn’t forfeit just because you’re under the threshold. Your money is yours. With most brokers, this is a loophole through which you could potentially lose money.

Trading on Titan Trade

On the trading platform, you can trade stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. There are 79 assets in total, several different ways to trade. Along with High/Low binary options, there are also One Touch trades, Pairs, 60 Second trades and Long Term trades. The Long Term trades which were available when I dropped by were only for several days, but it is still great that Titan Trade offers this type of trade for swing traders. Long Term trading is becoming more popular in the binary options world, and is great for beginners.

The minimum trade size is $25, and the maximum trade size is $2,500. Rollover and double up are available, as is buy-me-out.

There are a lot of materials on the website which can help you learn how to trade, even before you sign up for an account. You’ll find a number of trading articles, not just on the basics, but also on advanced strategy for money management and trade placement. If you sign up for the Trading Academy, you get access to even more, including training videos. And the higher your account tier, the more free information you receive.

Absent Customer Service

Customer service is apparently accessible via telephone, paper mail, email, or web form. A live chat link on the site is also available, but when I clicked on it and waited for half an hour, nobody was available. This was during standard business hours on a weekday. This was disappointing, considering that in many other ways, the site actually is quite nice. The layout is good, and there aren’t that many gaps in the information available. The trading resources are excellent. But the customer service problems represent a serious drawback.

At the bottom of the website, you will see a stamp which states that Titan Trade was voted “Most Trusted Broker 2013” by DailyForex. When you click on the stamp, however, it takes you not to a DailyForex awards page (which I could not find through Google), but to a relatively new review posted on the site. The review is favorable, but somewhat inaccurate, indicating that a demo account is available, when this is not actually the case. Some of the account tiers include a risk-free trade, but this is in no way equivalent to a demo account. Also note that mobile trading is not currently offered either, but there is a “Coming Soon” page which indicates that this will soon be available.

Conclusion: Worth Checking Back

When I first started looking through Titan Trade, I was initially impressed. The site design is easy to navigate, and you will easily find most of the information you are looking for. The company has taken steps to educate traders about risk and other important aspects of trading. Their willingness to return money below the minimum withdrawal threshold to customers closing out accounts is a sign of honesty and fairness. Their failure to staff the live chat line was a disappointment though, and the somewhat misleading page on DailyForex is also a bit dubious.

The absence of customer service could have been a fluke, but if not, it would be a major detractor. The last thing you ever want to do is send your money to a company that is inaccessible when you need them. Titan Trade is still relatively new, and is probably still working on perfecting their services. While we cannot give them a strong recommendation now, it may be worth checking on them a few months down the road to see if they have ironed out their customer service problems. In many other respects, they are well on their way to establishing themselves in the industry.

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12 Traders' Reviews

  1. JAMES PRAGNELL reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    Their Canadian rep e-mailed me regularly that he had tried to get ahold of me to discuss my trading. When he finally did get ahold of me by telephone I did not want to do any more trading & told him so. That was about 3 months ago when I requested the balance to be refunded to my Visa. The first delay was that I hadn’t submitted certain personal ID information that they had to have before doing the refund. Then the time limit expired , so I requested the refund again & just recently again. The personal info obviously should have been requested when the acct was opened. They certainly want to take your money but trying to get it back is another story. The money is still sitting in my acct & they even thanked me for initiating the withdrawal. We’ll see what happens this time.

  2. Brian W. Lawn reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    I opened my account on 13 May 2014. A few days later I deceided to close my account. Here it is 30 May and still nothing. Everytime I call them, you get nothing but the run around and excuses after excuses, stalling etc, etc,. They are scam artists. Once they get your money, you will never get it back. Boiler room, that’s all this is. I wish I never bothered with them. NOW you know the truth!!!! Five thousand dollars gone!!!

  3. Lily Hwang reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    Your representative called me while I was taking a nap so I was a bit rude.
    Very sorry.
    My account 38820 deposit $250 P.W. emillie123 New email lilyhwang217@yahoo.com Please connect me with Desert Millionaire.They are trading for me. Thanks Lily

  4. Armine Pogosian reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    Company is not trustable. Is there at least someone who is able ensure that they get money from this company.

  5. Artem reviewed Titan Trade reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    Good time of day. I opened an account at Titan and started trading. Everything was fine until not increased balance several times and that’s when I decided to withdraw the money I have included the bonus 950$ and said that he needed to shoot 30 times. Money they do not take and do everything to the client is lost. The page freezes and the transaction is not open correctly. I have noticed that the quotes are very different closer to expiration not in favor of the trader. Be very careful with this broker! Do not invest your money because you will lose them. And if you have money and you want to try this broker it is best to discard them in the window, the effect will be the same and so and so you will lose them.

  6. Gregory Broadnax reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    i opened a account Dec. 12 2014 talk a broker once can you get me in touch with a broker who will do trading .contact me at 3132073855 thank you Gregory.

  7. rejean brousseau reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    how i can tust that bank

  8. Robert reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    This titan trade is shit I am opening a few web pages free of cause just to advertise the fact about titan trade it will be ongoing and is going to be to discredit them as the low life they are thieving maggots and the founders (he or they) maybe thick as shit too, not even being aware of these thieves that work under the very trading company (he or they) founded.Just think about it you form a business and you don’t know of any criminal activity going on ?, the owners probably don’t even read the reviews so what fu…cken good are they to let thieves work for them in their name.

  9. Tony reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    Stay away from “TITANTRADE”. Don’t sent any them any money. Avoid them at all cost!!!. That are stealing from you right left and centre with their smooth talk and their reputation for their corrupt stealing tactics is under every review I have read. I am out of pocket $1000 and they don’t even have my completed required application to use my funds for anything. The support for returning my funds give me the run around in the tune of over 10 people already who have no clue as to what’s going on. Their main objective is to take your fund and misappropriate it and then tell you you have lost it. Their system and scam is against you like a casino. You can’t win with them with their binary system. They have no controlling authorities and can take your money and there is nothing you can do.

  10. Reinhard Koch reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
    ich hatte mich am 07.03.2016 auf Ihre Internetwerbung hin, darauf eingelassen, Ihnen meine Personalien und meine Telefonnummer zur Kenntnis zu geben. Darüber hinaus habe ich 250 €, die Sie als hinreichendes Startkapital benannt haben auf Ihre Seite eingetragen. Allerdings bekam ich dann sofort einen Anruf durch den ich aufgefordert wurde statt 250€, 600€ einzusetzen. Das übersteigt alle meine Möglichkeiten. Deshalb erklärte ich meinen Rücktritt von diesem Geschäft. Die 250€ wurden jedoch trotz dem eingezogen und ich wurde in mehreren Anrufen aufgefordert mit Ihnen zu traten. Ich erklärte jedes mal, ich will mein Geld zurück und werde nicht mit Ihnen arbeiten. Mir wurde gesagt, Ich müsste eine Rückbuchung über meine Bank veranlassen, dann zahle man zurück. Meine Bank verlangt jetzt eine Bereitschaftserklärung von Ihnen, die Sie mir per Post oder E-Mail zusenden möchten. Ich bitte Sie hiermit mir ein solches Schriftstück umgehend zu zu senden. M.f.G. R.Koch

  11. Hills Sarah reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

    I was finally able to get my broker that took my $89000 to send me my funds through the option service, i am so happy that alot of people have also recovered their funds through same process, If your broker has take your funds above $5000 let me know i will tell you how to make them give you back your funds in few days.
    They dont listen to you because they feel you can do nothing to them, Email me on hillssarah42@gmail.com so i can help you get it back, am just so happy

    • cummko reviewed Titan Trade (No Binary Options)

      please i need help with my money if you can help reply me

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