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Rating: 1.0/10
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Broker Royal de Bank
US Traders Accepted
Company Name RDB Corp.
Headquarters Anguilla
Regulation No
Bonus Type Match bonus
Bonus Size $50,000
Max Payout 80%
Out-of-Money Reward 30%
Trading Platform HelloBinary
Deposit Options Credit/debit cards, wire transfer
Deposit Currencies Euro and US Dollar
Minimum Deposit $500
Minimum Trade $15
Maximum Trade $2,500
Online Since 2010
Trading Instruments Stocks, currencies, commodities, indices
Number of Trading Instruments 46
Binary Option Types High/Low, including short term (3 minutes)
Customer Support Types Regional phone numbers, email, live chat
Education Offered Personal training, personal broker, video training, webinar
Tools Offered Monthly interest, trading robot, stop-loss
  • Fees of 45 Euros will be charged for any withdrawal of an amount less than or equal to 1000 Euros.
  • 5% fee will be charged for any withdrawal of an amount greater than 1000 Euros.
Languages English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Demo Account Yes, you must talk to an agent

Royal de Bank ceased operating as a binary option broker. It is out of business now. The review presented here is no longer applicable.

Of all the binary brokers I have reviewed (dozens upon dozens at this point), Royal de Bank may be the most dubious one I have seen to date. I have a hard time believing this is actually a real broker, despite the fact that the company has been around since 2010. The site is operated by RDB Corp. in Anguilla. There is nothing positive to say about them. They offer next to nothing in terms of real features, their website has disturbing redirects, they appear to have zero customer service, their withdrawal terms are extremely off-putting, and they have terrible reviews.

The weirdness starts the moment you head to the “About Us” page, where you find a long-winded discussion about William I, King of Wurttemberg, rather than any info about the company. Supposedly, it is the goal of Royal De Bank to honor William I through offering private banking services. On another page, a bunch of really general “awards” are posted, but none of them list awarding agencies. Clearly they are made up.

Registering on Royal de Bank

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see a sidebar that lists a demo account for $50,000 in virtual funds, and below that “Open an account.” Do not click on this—it is not actually a button. Keep looking down until you see “Register,” and then you can fill in your information. Amusingly enough, US Virgin Islands is listed as a region, but the USA in general is not. You can (supposedly) deposit in Euros or US Dollars.

Here is where things get really bizarre. If you try to go to the deposit page to check it out, your browser will throw an error at you which seems to imply the site is attempting a redirect to a completely different address. “You attempted to reach, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as Now, is a hosting company, so I will go so far as to say this is an internal error and not likely a malicious redirect. But understandably, I did not feel comfortable clicking any further.

Improbable Bonuses and Malicious Withdrawal Terms

Next comes the unbelievable. If you deposit just 500 Euros, you can get 50,000 Euros as a bonus! While this is probably some kind of a typo and not actually a ludicrous attempt to really convince potential customers that they can get this much free money, it only adds to the dubious impression formed by the entire site.

The withdrawal terms in the bonus terms and conditions are very troubling. “Fees of 45 Euros will be charged for any withdrawal of an amount less than or equal to 1000 Euros. 5% fee will be charged for any withdrawal of an amount greater than 1000 Euros.” This seems to imply that no matter how much or little money you attempt to withdraw, you will be charged a fee. Perhaps this only applies to customers who have accepted bonuses, but even that is pretty unacceptable.

Account Types and Trading Features

If for some reason you still felt compelled to try to deposit on this site, you could choose from a number of different account types: Micro, Medium, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Emerald, Royal Club Medium Account, and Royal Gold Club Account. Each includes progressively more features such as a personal broker, personal training, video training, webinars, a trading robot, monthly interest, and so forth.

The only type of trading featured on the site is High/Low. You can trade expiry time as short as three minutes, so short-term trading is also offered here. The platform is something called HelloBinary. To all appearances, it works about the same way as SpotOption or any other more common white label.

Poor Reputation for Customer Service

Customer service includes live chat, regional phone numbers, and email addresses. I did not reach anyone on live chat, despite the company’s assertion that they provide 24/7 customer service. On the account tiers page, they emphasize that if you actually want customer service at any time of day, you have to deposit more money. Otherwise you are limited to customer service once a day or once a week. In fact, customer service isn’t even listed for Micro accounts. So in theory, I should not be shocked that I wouldn’t get a hold of an agent via live chat. As it is, I have my doubts that even if I held a Royal Gold Club Account they would ever staff that desk.

Online, there are numerous customer reviews for this site, the vast majority of which are overwhelmingly negative. Customers report that their emails go ignored, and that they often cannot get a hold of customer service at all. This is the largest number of poor reviews I have seen in a long time for a broker (there are dozens, and you don’t have to go far to find them).

Conclusion: Stay Away

I can give a lot of these companies the benefit of a doubt. I know that sometimes it is hard to start up a business and get site features functioning, and that it is a competitive industry. But Royal de Bank is a very strange site, and their problems go far beyond the norm. Their attitude seems to be that if they state something clearly on their site, they are completely excused and justified for behaving in a malicious way. They clearly state that they charge fees for all withdrawals—so it is the customer’s fault if he or she doesn’t read the fine print. They clearly state that they ignore emails from customers who do not have huge accounts—so once again, it is the customer’s fault.

This is not the kind of company you want to be sending your money to, unless you plan to never see it again. The reviews on third-party sites back up my impression of Royal de Bank. This company wants your money, not your business or your success, and are almost certainly out to scam you.

Royal de Bank (Inactive), 5.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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3 Traders' Reviews

  1. reviewed Royal de Bank (Inactive)

    A 100% SCAM UNREGULATED BROKER!!! I cannot withdrawal even my deposit of $200, not to mention the 180$ I did profit, in total I have $380 in my account. Today I did recorder two phone calls from Royaldebank with account manager Camille, I will post a link later after I will upload the call on the youtube. She has declined my withdrawals 3 times in a row. Not a single phone number is active from their website, when she calls me to ask for more deposits she is calling from a “Private or unknown number”

  2. Ian reviewed Royal de Bank (Inactive)

    This is the last e-mail i’ve sent them after they declined my withdrawal requests 5 times in a row!!! I am reporting them to INTERPOL and to CYSEC within two days!

    You may treat my e-mails as “BULLSHIT” OR “BLACKMAILLING” as that does not change anything because there is no evidence as my e-mails classify as you mentioned, your terms and conditions apply only to yourself as I did not “check” any buttons before signing up with an account or when I did deposit the money, ON YOUR WEBSITE YOU HAVE TWO DIFFERENT PAGES WITH “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” so you are falsifying your own terms and conditions by not informing your traders.

    Now I placed few trades NOT to get my money out BUT rather to record and show to the WORLD how you are INFLATING THE PRICE BY 0.00070 PIPS on an option that expires within 15Min, that is impossible to move 7 pips per 15 Minutes 95% of the time because there isn’t enough volatility , and secondly you are INFLATING THE PRICE BY 0.00140 pips when you place a trade with its expiry time by the end of the day. I am screen recording my screen now and you will see what happens next. Strange but this did not happen on my first day of trading as I did trade the options at the Market Price without you inflating the prices, and since you’ve noticed my high experience you have started playing around with me.

    The MINIMUM trade size should be $15 as it is in you TERMS AND CONDITIONS and NOT $50 as it is in my case!

    SO GUYS YOUR ARE CREATIND AN ENVIRONMENT WHICH IS ACTING AGAINST YOUR TRADERS NOT IN THEIR FAVOURS, this is considered a SCAM IN A MODERN WORLD!!! Its enough to trade 7 days and no Trader will get their money back, because this is impossible to happen when you inflate the prices!!!

    And lastly, show me a phone number on site that is working properly, yes it is true, not a single phone number is working because you are tired to answer so many phone calls from all your traders you have stolen their money!!!

    Good luck and enjoy your last few weeks of Royaldebank SCAM!!!

  3. Hisham Abu Assi reviewed Royal de Bank (Inactive)

    Royal de Bank A 100% SCAM UNREGULATED BROKER!!! Royaldebank website is offline. They are ignoring me I have funds in the account$1250 and I am unable to speak with anyone from Royal de Bank.Not a single phone number is active from their website,I cannot withdrawal my deposit. They have completely given me the cold shoulder and I’m afraid I’ve lost my $1250 , DO NOT TRUST THEM.

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