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Rating: 2.3/10
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Broker OptionMint
US Traders Accepted
Company Name OptionMint
Headquarters Toronto, Canada
Regulation No
Bonus Type Match bonus
Bonus Size 75%
Max Payout 75%
Out-of-Money Reward 10%
Trading Platform SpotOption
Mobile App iPhone, Android, Blackberry
Deposit Options Credit/debit cards, wire transfer, Skrill, CashU
Deposit Currencies US Dollar, Euro, British Pound, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar
Minimum Deposit $200
Minimum Trade $
Maximum Trade $1,500
Online Since 2011
Trading Instruments Currencies, stocks, indices, commodities
Number of Trading Instruments 55
Binary Option Types High/Low, Option Builder, One Touch, 60 Seconds
Customer Support Types Live chat, phone (toll free), email, web form
Education Offered FAQ, glossary, advanced marketing training, webinars and e-Book for higher account tiers
Tools Offered Daily and weekly market analysis, expired rates, double up, rollover, Open Platform, advanced trading assistance, dedicated account management, VIP 24/7 support
Commission $25 fee for wire transfer withdrawals
Languages English
Demo Account No

OptionMint is a binary options broker who has been online since 2011 and is based in Toronto, Canada. While the company does not seem to be very well known and there are not as many reviews for OptionMint online as there are for many other binary options brokers, they do seem to hold some promise. There are a large number of features and good bonus offers available for customers with larger account sizes, mobile trading support, and helpful customer service. OptionMint is open to traders in the USA and may be one of the better binary options brokers available, judging from features and service alone. Hopefully they will gain some more reputation in the coming years, and then we can give them a stronger recommendation.

OptionMint Account Tiers

When you open an account on OptionMint, you may deposit in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, or Canadian Dollars, but you can only trade in US Dollars, Euros, or Pounds. You can get started with as little as $200, but additional features and benefits for new accounts don’t kick in until you deposit at least $500 to open a Silver Account. With this account, you can get a 25% investment bonus, one risk free trade, and access to daily market reviews. There is also a Gold Account starting at $1,000, a Platinum Account starting at $2,500, and a Mint Account, beginning at $10,000.

The highest account tiers include additional benefits like advanced market training, dedicated support, strategy trading webinars, an advanced trading eBook, and VIP 24/7 support. Note that all match bonuses work on the basis of leverage, and you need to turn over the bonus amount 30 times before it becomes redeemable as cash. All deposits are free, even those made using wire transfer, which is a nice feature. You can also use Skrill, CashU, credit or debit card. The only fees are wire transfer withdrawal fees of $25. There is also a minimum withdrawal limit of $100, which we are not thrilled about, but this is a common drawback on binary options websites. It is really best to get started with $500 or more anyway, since this makes it easier to manage your money and less likely that you will have difficulty withdrawing by falling under the minimum limit.

Trading with OptionMint

Trading with OptionMint is easy on the SpotOption-powered platform. SpotOption should be familiar to anyone who has spent much time at all learning about binary options since it is such a popular platform. It’s very easy to use, and OptionMint makes it available to traders who are on mobile devices as well as home PCs. All major mobile devices are supported, including Android, iPhone, and Blackberry. This is a great feature since not all binary options brokers are mobile yet, and mobile trading makes it easier to schedule trades throughout the day.

There are 55 stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities, and a number of option types: High/Low, Option Builder (you can set your own expiry time with this type of option), One Touch, and 60 Seconds. Investment amounts start as small as $5, and range up to $1,500. Double up and rollover help you to get more out of your winning investments.

There is a prominent link to a “Demo Account” on the OptionMint site, but if you click on it, you will only find information about opening a live account and trading with real money. The “How to Trade” link simply shows you a brief how-to page with an explanation of how to deposit and make your first trades. This has nothing whatsoever to do with a demo, and the closest thing to a “demo” on the site are several free trades available to account holders who make larger initial deposits. Demo testing is very important, so if you can find a broker which does offer it, you should consider trading there before you think of trading with a broker that doesn’t offer one.

Customer Service

Customer service at OptionMint seems to be a fair bit above average, although not perfect. You can get a hold of the team using email, a web form provided on the site, telephone (including toll free phone numbers), or live chat. When we checked in with live chat, there was an agent present, and it was a real human being.

The agent on the chat line patiently answered the majority of our questions, though she steered around our question about regulation, a common and irritating tactic taken by binary options brokers who do not want to admit that they are unregulated. The fact that she dodged the regulation question is a bit unnerving and does not really inspire confidence. On the other hand, she quickly and politely answered all the other questions, and the fact that someone was there at all was a world better than the usual nonexistent customer service you’ll find on most binary options websites.

Closing Thoughts on OptionMint

OptionMint has a lot of good things going for it, but also some deterrents as well. In the pros, we can list the support for mobile trading, the SpotOption platform, the variety of trade types offered, the different account tiers with their generous bonuses and helpful educational resources and trading tools, and the fact that someone actually staffs the live chat desk and answers questions. The cons on the other hand include the $100 withdrawal minimum and the fact that the customer service agent was unwilling to admit to the fact that the broker is unregulated. Then there is the fact that there is simply not a lot of information on OptionMint provided by third-party websites, which doesn’t provide much of a context for how the site fits into the binary options scene.

So should you trade on OptionMint or not? If you are located in the USA, it is probably well worth checking into their services, because they really do have some good features. It is hard to justify complete trust in them, however, so it is best to approach OptionMint with caution until more traders share their experiences with this broker.

OptionMint, 2.3 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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21 Traders' Reviews

  1. reviewed OptionMint

    They have good features, but its not worth the trouble. I’m trying to get my money back and have them close the account, because I HATE their customer service. In order to withdraw your money, you have to first verify yourself. Why do I have to verify myself for me to withdraw money, but not when I opened the account? I have explained to them several times, I was offered and opened an account over the phone. So how was I to know that this is the procedures? They don’t work with you at all, but they say they are following the anti-money laundering law, which they are not. They ask you to send a photo of your State issued ID, a photo of the credit card front and back, and a copy of a utility bill. I’m sorry, if I was told that at the beginning I wouldn’t have opened an account. No account manager called me to help trade. Plus I don’t have bills in my name. The utility bill is the only thing holding me up from them closing my account and sending my money back to me. I would say its not worth it. All this company has been is a headache. Normally I don’t feel the need to bash a company just because I’m not happy with their services, but their customer service is soooo poor I couldn’t stay quiet about it. I don’t want anyone else to go through this.

    • Daniel Worthon reviewed OptionMint

      Listen good . Closing your account with OptionMint and getting the money back ( if they give it back ) , its the best thing to you .

    • Mike reviewed OptionMint

      June !st now you sent two emails stating you sent before Easter. Now the lie is you are waiting for the Bank to return the money. How much BS do you think people will take. I believe four have now quit due to your stealing.

  2. Garrett reviewed OptionMint

    I feel the same way about their customer service as the other person above they told me if I deposited funds into my account that at 11am the next morning the broker would contact me And I asked all the ? I needed to know but he lied to me and said I wouldn’t have any problems withdrawing money that my broker would make sure I was set up with the 2014 millionaires software bit they wont even return my calls now that they have my money this is not how I run my bus.or I wouldn’t be in business service so far has been t

  3. reviewed OptionMint

    To whomever,
    Is it possible for me to withdraw my 250.00. I haven’t touched it.
    I am so broke.
    Please help me.
    thank you… steven lehner

    • Andriy Moraru reviewed OptionMint

      You should be contacting OptionMint directly about your issue.

      • Daniel Worthon reviewed OptionMint


        My name is Daniel W and I made a deep investigation about OptionMint operation ( off course after loosing money as a results of credit card fraud ) !! I hope the following information will be useful to anyone that thinking to engage or already unfortunately is engaging with these corrupted , scam-bags criminals !

        The first think people learn in OptionMint is to lie to clients !! Please read the following :

        1. The operation office is located in San Jose Costa Rica and NOT in Toronto ( Toronto is a FAKE location that never exists )

        2. In case you already deal with someone from the office , keep in mind that all the personal has a FAKE NAMES ( actually this is the first thing the office management provides to any new employee )

        3. NO ONE in the office has a brokerage license !! (they may want you to believe that they have ). The majority of the ” brokers ” are NON- legal workers in Costa Rica , having acceptable English vocabularies and getting paid 5$ per hour to lie and hold credit card numbers from people around the world ( again it may be that Costa Rica provides the operation with a shield against lawsuits )

        4. The second thing you learn in OptionMint is basically to avoid from clients to cash out there money !!… as well as and not only, how to get money from senior citizens , social security holders and poor – desperate people.

        5. For any more information that may help someone send to :


  4. reviewed OptionMint

    Seems great at first. A broker will call you once you set up an account, and be very excited. Then they will slowly drain your account of money, and you will never NEVER get any of it back if you want to close your account.


  5. Michele Larson reviewed OptionMint

    Is totally true, We are in Costa Rica, my name is Michele Lavine used to be almost the admin, we still hiring more people to scam people on that website
    Call that number is on the website and ask for Michele, Gio Morgan, Merv all of them are taking your money is not a real company careful

    • Mike reviewed OptionMint

      Michelle, Renee is no longer working there I am still sending the request. Only because i don’t want anyone else losing their money. They have really hurt people.

  6. Alex reviewed OptionMint

    I have the same issue with optionmint and Im from Canada. Is there any legal moves I can take in order to get my money ?? any help?

    • Daniel Worthon reviewed OptionMint

      I think the best way is to complete a complain on FBI Scam on line .

      If you need real names of the management I think I have it all . As well the location in San Jose Costa \Rica where they are operated .


      • Mike reviewed OptionMint

        May 28,2015

        It seems that you are continuing your ruse. This has been going on August of 2014! I have been asked by OptionMint to be patient! Tomorrow, a couple more days this is April 17th 2015. {Now, it is April 20th! } {Now, April 21, 2015} Now {April 22,2015} Now (April 23,2015) I talk to Renee yesterday who is going to find the only person in your company that has the information required to give me the confirmation number you said you have sent me three (Now 4) weeks ago. I want my money that you said you sent but haven’t, do to the fact you have no information! You put me on hold on my phone call for over one hr. I want the confirmation # you were given, if in fact you sent the money you said you have by the two emails one week apart.

  7. Pat Wroan reviewed OptionMint

    I would like to get my money back from them. How do I go bout it?

  8. reviewed OptionMint

    12: 45 PM
    September 18, 2015 request my money
    August 15, 2014 request my Money

    September 1, 2015 Told again that you have sent my money. This makes 7 times you have said that you have sent my money. You must be the most incompent people in business. Can’t seem to get it right. Confirmed countlass times information is correct. You have called and confirmed on the phone. You didn’t have that much trouble receiving my money. You advertise 24 hrs to receive, 48 in other adds. You failed to mention that you get to say the year. I want my money.
    I will keep this up until I receive my money. Please quit lying to your employees and making them lyers. Some of them are good people with character & integerty!


  9. Mike reviewed OptionMint

    September 21,2015

    I have not seen my money you said you have sent. It’s has been over one year! You said you have sent it seven times now! You have sent emails stating you sent it! You are making liars out of the employees that answer your phones. You don’t have the nerve to talk to us without hiding behind a young woman with some character and integrity. I want my money. Show us that you have character and don’t belong behind bars like other criminals.


  10. Mike reviewed OptionMint

    OptionMint put your money in kiss it good-by

    I see that you have another front desk. Wants to hang up because you have stolen my money. It has been over a year since I requested my money. You advertise 48 hrs to send. I have requested every day since August 2014. Now you have another answering because of your lies.
    I want my money that you have said you sent three times last month. September 2015.

    If you don’t like me calling all you have to do is send me my money!


  11. Mike reviewed OptionMint

    October 6th, 2015

    It seems that you (OptionMint) your company are very good at receiving my money. You have sent several emails saying that you have sent my request for my money. When I asked for some kind of proof, everyone becomes deaf.

    Do you have a requirement that your employees are lyres and thieves! It is too bad that young women raised with morals are so quick to steal and lye for you. You don’t have the character to stand up for yourself, but will hide behind women.

    You boys are nothing more than street thugs.

    I want my money! I have asked for since it August 2014!


  12. reviewed OptionMint

    I deposited $3200 with them. Now my balance is $5500. I’ve been trying to withdraw and close my account for a few weeks. Nothing. No communication. My trading partner, who has now left them last Friday, said they always honor the withdrawals and how dare I tell him otherwise. He said they are just trying to ‘sort through’ my Paypal deposits. We communicated on Skype so I have 5 months of records from that. I have kept very accurate records, now I just need to figure out where to go with them to go after these guys. They need to be shut down. Their website now says they don’t accept U.S. traders which I don’t recall seeing when I signed up. I have just given them 24 hours before I take further action.


  13. reviewed OptionMint

    Do not open an account with OptionMint. They will rip you off. They are not regulated for US citizens and will steal your deposit. They are next to impossible to contact. They will lie to you.
    If you try to contact them through their web site, they will block you.
    They will ignore your emails, The toll free 800 tel number is never answered and after waiting on hold,
    your call will be dropped. Same situation with their other telephone number.

  14. Lily Hwang reviewed OptionMint

    Account department:
    I have sent all required document to you. I like to close my account. A balance of $250. Your CEO
    promised to refund me. I have been waiting for a long time. No money has come in,
    Name Lily Hwang
    P.W. Jasmine
    Balance $250 since 2015.
    Your broker is incompetent made $200 in 3 months. I used to make 200-250 daily. I quit using your
    brokers. Please refund my $250. Thanks. Lily Hwang

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