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Rating: 2.9/10
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Broker Binary-Banc
US Traders Accepted
Company Name ChargeXP Investments Ltd.
Headquarters Nicosia, Cyprus
Regulation No
Max Payout 75%
Out-of-Money Reward 10%
Trading Platform SpotOption
Deposit Options Credit/debit cards, CashU, wire transfer, Skrill, Nordea, iDEAL
Deposit Currencies US Dollar, Euro
Minimum Deposit $100
Minimum Trade $10
Maximum Trade $1,000
Online Since 2011
Trading Instruments Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices
Number of Trading Instruments 81
Binary Option Types Call/Put Options, One Touch, Option Builder, 60 seconds
Customer Support Types Online chat service (not working), email support (bounces back), telephone calls to their satellite offices
Education Offered Demo video, How-to-trade tutorial
Tools Offered Daily Market Review, Weekly Market Review, Expiry Rates, Live Finance News
Commission $25 fee for wire transfer withdrawal
Languages English, German
Demo Account No

All traders see binary options trading as a lucrative option of making money fast. This is the reason why they take enough care in selecting a binary options broker, and expect the broker to extend the needful assistance to them when needed. If tested on this criterion, Binary-Banc can be particularly identified for their poor communication system. Their online chat service doesn’t work and e-mail bounces back, and to avail their assistance, one needs to make calls to their satellite offices. When they are claiming to provide trading services in the online environment, they could have a better online support service for their clients. However, the good thing is that they provide the SpotOption trading platform to their clients, which is a well-known trading platform in the industry. Several brokers use SpotOption. So for many experienced traders, it’s not a new trading platform. But it’s doubtful that Binary-Banc will be able to attract new investors to start trading with them. A newbie in the world of binary options trading may have lots many doubts and queries, and would probably fail to find a way with Binary-Banc to get answers to all their queries. Moreover, they do not offer a demo account so that a new trader can gain some familiarity of the platform before starting business with them.

Binary-Banc is the brand name of ChargeXP Investments Ltd, which is a Cyprus based company. There is no data that the company is regulated by any authority. An unregulated company with a poor communication system will hardly appeal investors and traders to initiate a business relationship with them. But there is one thing that could appeal many investors, and that is the diverse range of assets that they have in their portfolio. They offer more than eighty financial instruments from different financial markets, and for many traders this could be a good opportunity to access global financial markets and start trading in a wide variety of assets. Moreover, one will need just 100 US dollars or 100 Euros to fund their account and start trading with them. The opportunity of using an advanced 100% web-based platform like SpotOption by investing such a small amount may draw many small investors towards Binary-Banc.

With Binary-Banc, communication seems not a main concern to impress the traders and investors, as they support only two languages English and German. While many brokers try to offer support in several languages with an attempt to lure traders from various parts of the world, Binary-Banc’s dependence on just two languages could prove a limitation for the traders who prefer other languages than English and German. But when it comes to offering money depositing facilities, they offer several options including credit cards, wire transfer, CashU etc, and a trader can choose a preferred method as per his suitability.

Trading Choices

Binary-Banc has an impressive portfolio of 81 financial instruments from global financial markets. Thus, a trader can get a wide variety of trading options with an expected return ranging between 65% and 75%. Traders can also get a maximum out of money reward of 10%, if they fail to make correct predictions on their chosen assets. Thus, a trader can use Binary-Banc to earn a profit of up to 75% by investing in their traditional Call Option or Put Option. While an investor with a big earning in his mind can take advantage of their One Touch trading opportunity, which can bring them a profit of up to 400%. Binary-Banc also offers traders “Option Builder” trading opportunity where a trader can customize his trading choices and can make a maximum profit of up to 70%. A trader who is interested in making money very fast can use Binary-Banc’s 60 seconds, which can offer them a maximum payout of 72% in just 60 seconds.

Bonus & Earnings

Binary-Banc is not a very impressive broker, when it comes to offering bonuses to their clients. They do not offer any bonus on first deposits, which several brokers in the industry offer to their clients in order to draw new trader’s attention and grow their client base. With Binary-Banc, bonuses are only onetime trading credits, which would be available to the traders as a part of their promotional offers. However, for many traders earning bonuses and withdrawing them would not be that easier. Binary-Banc bonus withdrawal policy requires that a trader will have to execute a minimum trading of 30 times of the earned bonus, in order to withdraw it. So, any trader willing to earn bonus with Binary-Banc must develop the familiarity of their terms and conditions, and must be ready to meet the terms in order to withdraw the bonus amount from them.

Technical Analysis

This is yet another area where Binary-Banc may fail to impress the traders. While many brokers try to offer a wide variety of technical analysis and tools to their clients, Binary-Banc just has Daily Market Review, Weekly Market Review and Expiry Rates. They also provide Live Finance News to the traders with an objective of updating them with the new market developments. But more experienced traders may require historical data and charts for better decision-making, where Binary-Banc may not prove much helpful.

Learning & Support

The poor support features of Binary-Banc have already been discussed above, and when it comes to offering learning resources, they do not offer anything significant either. They just have a Demo video and a How to Trade Tutorial on their website, which may not be sufficient to educate someone who is new in the world of binary trading. Interestingly, there are several other brokers who make a great deal of effort to educate investors and include several types of educational resources on their websites. Thus, one who wants to learn more about binary options trading would prefer to take advantage of those resources and appreciate the efforts of those helpful brokers. Binary-Banc has educational resources that would leave many questions answered when a trader would try to learn the binary options trading. Moreover, Binary-Banc does not offer friendly customer support to help clear all the doubts that a trader may have in mind while using their platform. In such a scenario, very few new traders would be attracted towards them and would prefer using their services.


There could be several reasons that may restrict a trader to choose Binary-Banc for trading binary options. They do not have an efficient support system in place and are not a regulated company. Neither they offer a wide variety of technical tools nor do they provide significant learning resources to the newbie traders. However, they have an impressive portfolio containing 81 financial assets from different markets, and offer the well-known SpotOption trading platform. An experienced trader may find them perfect to access a wide variety of assets from different markets. On the other hand, a newbie trader can only get lured by their minimum deposit amount for funding account, which is only $100.

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17 Traders' Reviews

  1. WARNING!!!! If you have the misfortune of ever coming in contact with RUN the other way! They are lying theives! Take it from someone who unfortunately dealt with them. Stay away from this scam!!! reviewed Binary-Banc

    WARNING!!!! Stay away from these lying theives!!! That is all they are. I have unfortunately learned this first hand.

  2. Ken reviewed Binary-Banc

    I made my initial deposit, did very little trading then ask for my money back 3 MONTHS AGO. Still no refund. Now they won’t even reply to my request. Just a bunch of lying SCAMMERS!!!!! THIEFS!!!!!! Get the word out, Binary Banc is a SCAM.

  3. Rick reviewed Binary-Banc

    I attempted to make a $200 deposit, but was denied. I received a call from someone
    representing BinaryBanc and was told the required initial deposit is $500?!? Attempted
    to contact their support but emails failed to go thru..IT’S A SCAM THRU & THRU!!!!

  4. Rick reviewed Binary-Banc

    Oh I forgot….Forget the $10,000 you were promised if you didn’t make any money….
    That was a lot of BULL too!!

    • Mark reviewed Binary-Banc

      Hello Rick,
      I had asked about the $10,000 and I was told that I had to invest at least $1,000 to receive that promotion. I did not do that, but invested $500.00 and three weeks later I have not heard from anyone.

  5. Diana reviewed Binary-Banc

    I made a deposit of $500, but then changed my mind. I requested my money back and they sent me a notice via email saying that the transaction would complete in 7 days maximum and did they do it? No. I have no idea what they did with that money, because it is no where to be found. They did not send it back to the debit card I used. Talk about fraudulent. Goodness gracious, they downright steal the money from you!! Yes, run!!

  6. Tom Holzhauer reviewed Binary-Banc

    I am a 75 year old disabled American Veteran of 30 + years in need of extra income. I have tried
    several Binary options and all have been poor and poorer and yes I have lost money each and every time I have tried. I am obviously a born loser, but I keep trying on other fronts. Not by using Binary Options. I am certain I will not recover any of my 500 deposit. But I will take things further. I am writing a nice letter to Scotland yard in London. I will also send a letter of polite protest to their headquarters in Greece. It will take time but I am still alive and I have plenty of time. Tom

    • Shirley Malone reviewed Binary-Banc

      Hi Tom can you send me the addresses to Greece and London so I can write them as well , I have ask for a withdrawall since July 21 2016, ans I have never been lied to so many time, but I made a large deposit on July
      16th and my broker just vanish and I was lied to each time I call their, I call Fri and ask for the bank number that I send the wire too, so he told me I would receive my money in the bank again did’n happen, so I need to talk to someone the owner ,bank somebody, also how did you get these addresses, Send to my name is Shirley this have to end, and if we don’t do anything they gona keep taking our money, Everything I try to do is blocked, I can’t talk to no one in they so called administration, I can’t
      sent no message threw contact us it says Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact the adminstration by another method, their is no other method, they even blocked me from login Thank Tom

  7. PJ reviewed Binary-Banc

    I too have deposited ALOT of money with Binary Banc. They never even did a trade until I had been a client for 30 days. All they wanted was for me to make more deposits. The last time a trade was made on my account was May 24, 2016. I have been trying to close my account and get my funds back for almost 3 months. Nothing but lies, promises and run around. I am sick to my stomach. I have deposited $22,000 and it’s all I have! I don’t know what to do.

  8. Victim reviewed Binary-Banc

    Call your banks and credits card companies and file a fraudulent activity. Say that the company and you were in a committed trading contract and the company defaulted on there commitment.

  9. reviewed Binary-Banc

    If you need assistance with retrieving your lost fund back from your Broker, kindly contact me. I was helped in my own time. I will direct you on steps to take in getting your funds back.

    • Art Gomez reviewed Binary-Banc

      I have been trying to contact BinaryBanc since September. Phone calls do not go through and I get no response to my emails. I invested $5k.
      They made trades initiall and then suddenly stopped. What steps can I take to get my money back?

    • Sandy Jones reviewed Binary-Banc

      I need help with recovering funds from Binary Banc, over $2,000 from June 2016 to Sept

    • Shani reviewed Binary-Banc

      I also invested 500$ and they called me many times to invest more but I told them until I see a good return I would not invest more. they sent me 10% of profit and the charged $25 by the bank. so I got 45-25= 20$ return. I tried to close the account did not work and no one is picking up the phone nor can I contact any one, what a scam!! Please help us as it seems I’m not the only one.


  10. Sandy Jones reviewed Binary-Banc

    David Gold, John, told me so many lies. From the birth of the new baby to how much money I could make trading. Had me to call my bank and open up the portal so that my transaction can be processed, I mean they even called my bank on 3-way. It was wrong! Dead Wrong. Trading was done immediately on my behalf, it showed that I made money, now I can’t login, they won’t answer my phone calls, I got scammed!

  11. Felix Cruz reviewed Binary-Banc


  12. Maureen White reviewed Binary-Banc

    Your chances of getting your lost funds back is in your hands, If you used a credit card, Wire transfer to make your deposit, or your funds has been manipulated by your broker, maybe your broker manager is always asking you to make more deposit before you could place a withdrawal, or your funds has been stocked due to the fact that you took bonuses offer. Kindly contact me to guide you on how to get yours back. Note: Some part of the country will never allow Binary option trade, cos a lot of them are rotten scammers. Join me all victims of scam brokers to put hands together and stop all these criminals from scamming traders like you and I out of their heart earned funds just the same way I got my deposit and losses worth of huge amount of funds back.

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