Interview with OxMarkets

The third installment in our series of binary options interviews is about one of the newest companies in the field — OxMarkets. Although they are new, their trading conditions deserve a thorough consideration from both beginning and experienced options speculators. Today, I am speaking with Ludovic Moncla, a Head of Affiliates. We discuss the foundation of the company and some of the features that make it stand out of the crowd. OxMarkets is operated by Ox Capital Markets Ltd, a CySEC-registered company.

The Interview

Ludovic MonclaCan you briefly tell us when the company was started, founders’ background, and demographic distribution of clients?

Ox Markets have been active since May 2015. It was founded by a group of well-heeled Cypriot investors some of whom are household names in the country and are involved in industries as diverse as finance, consulting and distribution. Ox Markets work mainly with EU residents however welcome those from surrounding states excluding America.

In the video tutorial section, there are video lessons dedicated to social trading. So, do you have plans to introduce it in the near future?

Of course, we are always open to new ways of education. Ox Markets wants to be in the forefront of all innovative methods of training and education to maintain a fresh approach to the Binary Options Markets

Can you tell us more about binary options signals (guarantees, if any and success rate, etc.) offered for Bronze, Silver and Gold accounts?

Unfortunately nobody can guarantee a 100% win rate with signals, but what we can do is guarantee the highest quality of signals for all of our account types. It is down to the client to make sure the signal is being used the correct way. Our experienced and professional account managers will make sure of that.

Globally, Bitcoin has taken the financial world by storm. Do you have plans to offer bitcoin as an asset or alternative deposit method?

Maybe not as a deposit method, but as an asset yes of course. All the client has to do is request this asset and we can provide it on their trading platform.

Traders are always concerned about the price data feed of a binary broker as it ultimately decides their fate. What is your price feed based on?

Our price feed comes from our platform provider “SpotOption” This is a company that has approximately 70% of the market share so we trust they will always provide the very best market price for our clients.

How innovative is the free 7-step trading course offered to clients opening Silver or Gold accounts?

This is a course not offered by many if any other Binary Options companies out there. This is an internally developed course which can’t be purchased or read about outside of Ox markets. The 7 Step training program can be very effective even for the more professional trader.

Do you think that binary options industry is nearing its saturation point in terms of both brokers and traders?

Is the industry now matured enough for consolidation in the form of mergers and acquisitions in the nearby future? We think that the Binary Options market is just now entering maturity and is nowhere near its saturation point yet. There are millions of investors out there who know nothing about Binary Options and the industry has come nowhere near the saturation levels of the forex industry. We do not see any significant mergers and acquisitions in the near future.

Can you briefly tell us your future plans?

Our future plan is to continue to grow and to become one of the top five Binary Options companies. We would also like to change the way people trade Binary Options and make it a stronger method of a secondary or even a main source of income.

Which is the most popular asset traded by your successful clients and do you see any similarity in strategy?

The most popular asset traded by our clients is the USD/EUR exchange rate. No, we do not see a similarity in strategy. Successful traders have their own hallmark and each is different from the other.

What is the most common mistake made by losing traders?

Lack of education and preparation. It’s easy to place a trade in fact it’s too easy, the hard part is knowing when. So a well-educated trader will have the correct approach leading to profitable trades.

Internet is bloated with advertisements from traders claiming to have made millions from binary options trading in a short span of time. From a beginner’s perspective, what should be the realistic expectations upon venturing into binary options trading?

If you have the correct approach yes you can do very well and have great success with Binary Options, but it takes time, training, experience and of course, initial capital. The more you learn the more you earn! But you must put it get out also.


OxMarkets seems to be a company that understands exactly what new traders require in terms of education and what pro traders need in terms of tools. The interview has revealed that although successful traders often employ the same high-liquidity trading instruments, their strategies vary greatly — what works for one trader will not necessarily work good for another. I think there is a lesson for us here — we should seek out for something that works for us — be it in online binary options trading or in some other sphere.

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