Interview with IQ Option presents a series of articles featuring the perspectives of reputable binary options brokers, so that they can introduce their platforms personally, and so that we can be aware their first-hand take on the issues, perks, and challenges faced by binary options traders today.

In this edition, we take a look at the responses of our interview with Ms. Alina Vavilova, head of Affiliates at the IQ Option Affiliate Program. IQ Option is privately held by Investlab Trading Limited and operated by Infofield Premier Limited, companies registered and based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The broker has been in operation since 2013, and although it has joined the binary options market just recently, it has already received an international nomination for the Most Innovative Binary Option Broker for the first time in 2013 at the international Show FX conference in Moscow. This recognition shows that the services of the company are not only favored by the traders but also by the international financial community. Since its establishment, it has striven to remove all trading barriers and make binary options more attractive and more accessible to all.

The Interview

In this interview, we have asked 10 questions pertaining to the features of the platform and the condition of the binary options market in general. Let us take a closer look at what makes IQ Option differ from the rest. Hello! As an introduction, please tell us more about yourself and your responsibilities in the company.

Ms. Vavilova: Hi. My name is Alina Vavilova. I am head of Affiliates at IQ Option Affiliate Program. I started to work at IQ Option just after it was launched, and we started to make our own affiliate platform.

How did IQ Option start, and who are your main clients, demographically?

We started with a main thing in mind– to give traders the easiest way to learn how to trade in financial markets and how to invest smartly. That is why we are the first BO broker to provide demo-accounts with full service absolutely free. We want to show everybody that Binary Options is the first step to becoming a smart trader in financial world. Demographically, our main clients are from Europe, Russia, Australia, East and South Asia, Latin America, and other regions. We accept traders from all countries except USA and Japan.

Tell us more about your demo account, why people should open one today, and your main advantage over other binary options brokers.

Our demo account is available immediately after registration, and the user receives an initial $1,000 in it. It is easy to understand what you have to do and what is BO trading in the first few trades. Therefore, you have the same account as with real money, but you cannot withdraw your profit because the money is virtual. Also, our demo account does not have all assets and the one-click trading– just enough resources for you to learn to be careful in trading.

Our main advantages are, as mentioned earlier, the free demo account, the minimum deposit being only $10, and the minimum trade being only $1. Profitability is up to 92%, and some assets go as high as 95% on some days. Every week, we create tournaments for traders– free and paid; everywhere, the winners get real money on their accounts. We also have OTC, which is trading on holidays. Different bonuses, prizes, education, and webinars are also offered by our company. In addition, we always work on our trading platform and add different extensions. For example, we’ve added new chart types and indicators for really smart trading.

From your data, what instruments are the most popular in your platform? What trading strategies are mostly used by your clients?

Most of our traders trade the EUR/USD currencies in binary options as well as in turbo options. The most popular strategy is Martingale, but we’ve added a new education course that also teaches some smart strategies with different indicators.

What do you believe is the single most important aspect when it comes to customer support?

The most important thing when it comes to customer support is a friendly and knowledgeable staff. They have to know everything about the platform, traders, etc., and they should help traders like their friends.

What are the challenges or the areas of improvement for your company?

Our challenge is to become the best way for everyone to learn how to trade in a serious financial market and to make people love this way of trading.

What regulation reforms can support or hinder the growth of the binary options market?

In most of the countries, trading binary options does not have any specific recognition by a regulator. In some countries the regulator decides that trading binary options is equal to gambling. This is a big hindrance for the growth of the market in these countries because of the fact that most of the marketing efforts would be blocked by the regulator. In other countries where the regulator decides that binary options are financial products and gives an official license pertaining to it, we can see a major support for this market because of the fact that people trust binaries more and are not afraid of being scammed.

What innovations do you think can be implemented to improve the binary options market and binary options platforms?

We think that one international regulator should control the market and provide a particular special license to every broker. Brokers without this license would not be able to work in the binary options market. This kind of regulation will protect traders from scam brokers and will improve the traders’ trust in the industry.

How do you see your platform 10 years from today?

Well, it would be very different from what you can see now, with a lot of new products and possibilities. I can’t tell you more than that because we are developing them right now and it’s kind of a secret.

If you have one advice to the average trader that he can hold on to permanently, what would it be?

Just don’t be too hasty in making trading decisions. We provide all the ultimate tools for the trade– use them, and be a smart trader.

Thank you so much for your insights. These will definitely help the traders in weighing their choices for the right binary options broker.

Thank you as well for the opportunity to be featured and heard.


Although new to the scene and even markedly different in its approach compared with other brokers, IQ Option has been gradually but dynamically building its reputation and profile among international traders. This interview with the management executive of IQ Option has indeed provided us with insights that may resolve possible obstacles to trading. Sign up for their free demo account, and with a very low initial deposit, opening an account and trading on their platform is therefore a worthwhile experience, especially for new traders looking for a simple, relaxed, yet reliable and committed broker.

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