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There are many traits that separates the professional binary options trader from the new ones. One of the most important attributes present in a professional trader is the focus on reducing losses and trading costs to a minimum. The novice trader in contract prefers to blindly bid on call or put options while being out of touch. They usually just dream about the potential profits they could reap without giving much thought about the risks involved.

Professional traders do not only constantly seek opportunities to improve the reward-to-risk ratios of their binary options trades whenever suitable opportunities arise. They also work hard in finding ways of reducing their trading expenses. A usual method that these traders employ to minimize their overall costs is for them to apply for rebates from dedicated websites that specialize in servicing this type of facility. By becoming a subscriber with such companies, binary options traders can then obtain refunds on a monthly basis equal to a portion of the total amount that they deposited to trade binary options during the preceding month.

Example of a Rebate

For example, imagine that a binary options trader performed binary options trading during June by wagering a total sum of $1,000. In addition, let us assume that the trader have registered with a company that is willing to supply him with a 4% rebate. With this rebate, regardless whether the trades are successful or not, the binary options trader would have still received a refund of $40 towards the end of July.

How Do They Work?

By now, you might be wondering how these companies manage to provide such benefits. Basically, these firms are prepared to pay the binary options trader a percentage of the profits that they receive from a broker if the trader agrees to join that particular broker using their affiliate link. In other words, these affiliate firms are prepared to offer refunds as a method to entice potential traders to become their affiliate with those binary options brokers that they promote on their websites. Such an arrangement can be very beneficial both for the trader and for the affiliate company. Specifically, these companies have a mechanism capable of increasing their number of affiliates while the trader can reduce his trading costs.

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Importance of Rebates in Binary Options

Binary options trading was established to devise a simpler investment vehicle than other more traditional types, such as the stock markets and Forex. But even if binary options trading is a derivative of the marketplace, the trader must still acknowledge that losing is an inherent characteristic of the market. Consequently, the binary options trader must not be naïve to ignore this feature as a central component of the different trading strategies used. By aiming to minimize the impact of a loss and prioritizing reduced cost, a more intelligent binary options trader can improve his profit rates.

It should however be noted that this skill is quite difficult to master and can take some time to achieve. All the calculations of how much you are willing to spend for your trades, your profits and break-even ratios all come into play when being money-wise in the trades. Because of this, taking advantage of rebates can help the binary options trader reduce overall costs whether the trades finish ‘in-the-money’ or ‘out-of-the-money’.

But as we always remind our readers, you should always adopt caution in trading. Learning the basics and mastering market sentiment and indicators is the best way to trade rather than making a shot in the dark every time. This is the only way to guarantee success in binary options. Rebates are just there to help you minimize your trading costs, but not necessarily there to make a profit.

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